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Horizons Abound!

Hi, I’m Greg Johnson and I am the developer behind reefandpier.com.  I have created this website to publish some of the resources and tools I find useful for planning an enjoyable day on the water.  I’m starting out with an interactive NOAA Nautical chart with links to weather and tides.  It works for the entire nation but there is extra data for Florida boaters and fishermen.

I’m not sure just what ReefandPier.com is or will be in its entirety.  Its a work in progress and progress on work is at the mercy of many more important things I have going on.  This is a personal hobby and more or less a sand box for an ancient web developer who is exploring new technologies in a quest to stay relevant.  The map runs on JavaScript but its not the Javascript I had already learned.  So its the new stuff and I think I learned it.  Let me know if it gives you any problems!

I try to find things that are interesting to me and work the technology around those subjects.  I also try to not do anything that has been done already, so from my little corner of the world its new and different and likely something you can’t find anywhere else (yet).

Guest authors may also post here from time to time to add additional perspectives and information.  Let me know if you need a place to write about boating, fishing, diving, sailing, paddlesports, marine watersports, or any saltwater recreation subject.

I do hope you enjoy your visit here and find the resources at this site useful.  If you haven’t found what you’re looking for let me know.  And come back often.  There is no telling what you will find here next time or what you will find after your next time here.

Tight Lines and Full Sails
All the Best