Privacy Policy of

You’re on the Internet, you have no privacy.

Everybody seems to be interested in everything you do.  Its a fact.

However, I don’t care who you are and I don’t track anything that can personally identify you and your activity at this site.  I do log information about your visit as a part of routine web server operation and only record the date and time, your IP address, what you requested here, and maybe your browser type and hostname of your IP if available.   That’s it.

I do use third party advertising networks and they may provide a cookie or two to serve up the advertisements that appear on this site.  I don’t know what they track or what they do with the information they collect.

Those advertising networks are

If you use a “Locate Button” in a map on this site, the location information provided by your device may be sent to the map API servers, opendata map servers, and in some cases transmitted to my server to retrieve map data.   I do not record any additional information about your location request.  Map engine and data providers policies may differ from mine.

This site does not display pop-up advertising.  If your experience is otherwise then check your system with anti-virus and malware scanning software.

If you do actually send me an email I will be able to read your email address and I will probably store it in my contacts.  I might even tell people about it.  Imagine that?  But you have to send me an email and you probably know all of that might happen anytime you send an email so for whatever its worth, it’s my policy.

So that’s it.  If you have any further concerns please contact me via email.  And you know that brings me to another thing.  I like my privacy and I cont like spam so you have to be a human and put the following email address in the proper format for it to work.  But you know that right?  Hope so. I use and my profile is playfla just put those together the right way and it will work.